Acquisitions in Tech, Real Estate, and Emerging Markets

At Trend, we buy businesses, we sell businesses, and we assist you in maximizing profit. We are a team dedicated to handle your large and small business transaction needs.

We understand the time, energy and resources you pour into your business. We focus on a few aspects here at Trend such as helping you sell your business or finding a business you want to acquire. See if you are a good fit to work with us.

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Asset Determination

First, we start with what you’re looking to accomplish. If you are selling your business, we take a look at all of your assets and the basic financials. After we provide a valuation, we start doing our general marketing approach and put together a proposal that will make your business jump off the page.

Pinpoint Buyers

After we discover the strengths of your business, we seek out prospective buyers from our list of buyers, but also through a series of marketing campaigns that include listings on various websites and company outreach. We not only focus on buyers within your industry, but also companies in industries that you’ve probably never thought of due to the overlap that occurs in so many businesses.

Exit Strategy

Once we make contact with our list of buyers and present them with all the assets, we usually can field multiple offers on your business in a short period of time. We provide you with all the necessary steps to make this next transition of your life seamless.

We Bring together Buyers & Sellers

Selling your business can be a time consuming task. Present the assets you own to Trend so we can take a look at it to see if it is something we would like to add to our portfolio or whether it would appeal to one of our vast network of clients and buyers.

Finding a business that is profitable and can be taken over with an easy transition can be a time consuming task. We have plenty of businesses available that are ready for an owner like yourself.

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Who trusts in Trend



Our Expert Team

Trend has gained a well–deserved reputation as a top Sarasota and Southwest Florida company when it comes to business deals and acquisitions.

Joshua and Jaret lead the helm to pitch the true value of your business with an enthusiastic approach as if it were their own, so you can get maximum value offers quickly.


Joshua Blank

Multiple Business Owner, Licensed Broker, Trend Realty
(516) 864-9349

Jaret Grossman

Multiple Business Owner, Licensed Realtor, Mizner Grande Realty

Maximize Value

We know how to position your company from a place of strength. We pick apart the strengths of your company and dissect its assets. Sometimes we break companies apart and sell the assets individually or we reposition what your business does as a whole to find the maximum value in an acquisition or merger. We know that your business is more than just EBITDA. Not only do we sell businesses for a multiple, we leverage assets that are pre-revenue or underperforming as well.

We Know the Internet

We understand how to leverage the internet to get the right number of qualified buyers in front of your offering. We have hundreds of thousands of email contacts, a vast array of firms that acquire companies, and we focus on leverage online listing sites to get your offering in front of a tremendous amount of prospects. We focus on a multi-level marketing approach that gets qualified buyers who are ready to do a deal fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Trend are a service-first organization and are different from other firms. We work with you to find a structure that meets your objectives. Our initiative is to serve you at the highest level and get a timely deal done using our expertise.

Yes. We acquire businesses mainly in tech, real estate, and media sectors. We look for great concepts that the everyday person or business can use on a frequent basis or positive cash flow businesses that can produce consistent and stable income.

We ascertain the actual business you’re in. McDonald’s had to realize a few important things for it to become the success it has become. First, it had to understand that it wasn’t in the food industry alone. It realized it was in the franchising business and the real estate business. With our expertise, we understand key components like what makes you unique to position your assets in the most favorable way that makes companies and investors view your assets and business differently than you probably have traditionally been viewing it.

Trend is a licensed brokerage that can sell your business, and sometimes we acquire businesses ourselves. When we do act as facilitators to a transaction, we are very flexible with our clients. We look to get you the best deal possible and we are flexible with our arrangement in terms of length of time and commitments to structure the best possible deal.

First, we have to understand the value of the business and consider all assets involved. After presenting an offer, there is usually a little time that lapses for negotiations. Once the buyer and seller agree to terms, a contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. Along with the signed agreement, money is then held in an escrow account. While the money is escrow, the transfer commences. This would include transfer of documents, data, physical assets, trade secrets, etc. Once, the transfer is complete and the buyer is satisfied, the buyer will then confirm it has received all assets from he transaction and release the money from escrow. Often times, the seller stays on to help with a transition period to help the new buyer get acclimated to all the processes. We look to make this an amicable relationship between the buyer and seller, because often they do business again in the future with other assets they own or new businesses they start. Smooth and reliable transactions is what we strive for here at Trend.

Most businesses are good fits for Trend and our list of buyers. We look at various factors to see how much a business is worth prior to fielding offers from our network. We look at revenue, profit, expenses to run and maintain the business. We do look at figures such as EBITDA and upward/downward trends of the business, but we also factor in potential and digital assets that other companies have a hard time valuing. We appreciate digital assets such as social media pages, email lists, proprietary technology, and systems that other firms don’t know how to value or have a tough time selling for the money you deserve. Businesses in the tech space sell for a multiple that many other brokers simply don’t understand. Trend is friendly to business owners, and will get you a great price for your digital assets or physical business.

We do. Please reach out to us at or click the contact us button with what you are looking for and we will be glad to share you our portfolio of businesses where we are looking for a buyer, investor, or partner.

Trust us, we can help you!

Trend has been in business for over 18 years. We are an elite firm who has an esteemed reputation of getting deals done swiftly so it’s a win-win for both parties.

Are you looking to sell your business?

Trend does acquisitions. Pitch your business to us. We also have buyers on our email list, spanning multiple industries. Contact us today for more info.

Looking for a profitable business with earning potential?

We have access to brands and businesses that are looking for a buyer. Contact us today with some information about what you’re looking for.



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